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ITIN (Tax ID) Mortgage Loans Including DACA and Dreamers

Are you looking to buy a home in California or Texas and file your U.S. taxes using an ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number) but you can’t document your immigration status, or have an expired visa? If so you’ve come to the right place! At Sierra Lending we specialize in the needs of ITIN mortgage borrowers and will work closely with you to get you the ITIN mortgage you need – and we can close in two weeks!

Mortgage Loan amounts $125,000 and up

Can be used for primary or secondary residences and investment properties

Bank statements allowed for income verification

Matricula Consular, Drivers License (Foreign or US), or other government-issued ID is acceptable – Passport or US Visa not required.

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    How ITIN borrowers can get the right mortgage

    Owning a home is part of the American Dream, and as a mortgage lender we are motivated to do everything possible to make sure Americans of all ethnic, educational and professional backgrounds can qualify for a mortgage. Some borrowers may use an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) instead of a Social Security Number (SSN), making it more difficult for traditional lenders to qualify them.
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    What is an ITIN Mortgage Borrower?

    • ITIN mortgage borrowers are living and working in the United States who do not have a Social Security Number allowing them to work in the US, or may not be able to document their immigration status
    • DACA and Dreamers are also allowed under our ITIN programs
    • ITIN mortgage borrowers have filed and obtained an ITIN number which is similar to a Social Security #
    • ITIN mortgage borrowers have been filing tax returns for a minimum of 2 years using the IRS issued ITIN #


    What does an ITIN Mortgage Borrower need to get a mortgage loan?

    • 2 years of Federal Tax Returns (Form 1040), or
    • 2 years of W2s or other documentation of income, or
    • 12 to 24 months of Bank Statements

    Sierra Lending

    We are Sierra Lending, specializing in mortgage loans in California and Texas for Jumbo, self-employed, foreign national and ITIN borrowers. At Sierra Lending we are here to help those who may have been turned down for a mortgage loan by traditional mortgage lenders due to their self-employed status, or because they are a citizen of a foreign country or working under an ITIN number.

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