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Foreign National Mortgage Loan Program

Are you a citizen from another country other than the United States who earns your income outside of the USA, and wants to buy a residence in the US? If so you’ve come to the right place!  At Sierra Lending we work with foreign buyers like you to ensure you get you the mortgage you need – and we can close in two weeks!

U.S. tourist visas are OK

Can be used for primary and secondary residences

You will need a foreign credit report or 3 to 4 foreign alternate credit letters
Family happy with their new home

Sierra Lending

We are Sierra Lending, specializing in mortgage loans in California and Texas for Jumbo, self-employed, foreign national and ITIN borrowers. At Sierra Lending we are here to help those who may have been turned down for a mortgage loan by traditional mortgage lenders due to their self-employed status, or because they are a citizen of a foreign country or working under an ITIN number.

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